Don't be afraid to read🎃🕸️ Scary short stories: Last night I saw her


She was standing right in front of me. I was shaking like a leaf. I could feel how my heart stopped beating for a few seconds. A cold breeze blew through the whole room. We were both staring at each other but none of us articulated a word. She was pale like the snow as if she had seen something horrible. Then, she started crying but with no sound at all. All I could see was her face full of tears. She slowly showed her hands full of blood, fresh blood. As soon as I realized what her hands were covered with, I ran to her. She stopped me with both hands, they were cold. Instantly, she touched my face, went through my cheeks and finished on my neck. Then, she said: "I killed mum".

Greta  Rodríguez Moreno

2º Bachillerato X

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