Don't be afraid to read🎃🕸️ Scary short stories: A paranormal experience.


You're about to listen to a real story, not a based on a true story one, a real paranormal experience I lived on my own skin.

I can't tell the hour, but it was probably late night, around 02:00-04:00 a.m. I was sleeping, but I had the sudden urge to open my eyes, so I did it. When I opened them I was paralyzed, there was a girl laying on the floor, but grabbing my blanket. She was probably my age, with long black hair, her skin was gray and green, with big black eyes that would never blink. I can swear how real felt the pressure that she made on on my bed, she was strong enough to move me closer to her without even touching me.

Yes, at first I was scared to death, but a few moments later I realized that she wasn't trying to hurt me, I felt sadness in her aura, maybe she was as afraid as I was.

Nowadays I'm not sure if it was an hallucination or something real. Another theory is that maybe I was her, and I was seeing myself. And I know it wasn't a nightmare, because my answer to her presence was hiding under the blanket and try to sleep while feeling her presence. Anyway, every time I enter that room, I know I'm not alone



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